Project Description

Dr. Andrew M. Manis, professor of history at Middle Georgia State University, spent 13 years researching and writing his magnum opus: A Fire You Can’t Put Out. The biography of the Civil Rights Movement’s greatest unsung hero, Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, was published in 1999. Since that time, Manis – after repeatedly hearing feedback from readers that it the book was deserving of a larger audience – dreamed of seeing the story of the pastor from Birmingham, Ala., on the silver screen.

In 2015, encouraged by the interest of a young Hollywood screenwriter, Manis decided to take the next step toward making the dream a reality. Wanting to raise funds to complete the screenplay as well as awareness of the story of the man he calls “a true-life action hero most people had never heard of,” Manis hired Red Trunk Media to create a Kickstarter campaign, including the production of an informational video.

In charge of creative direction, Red Trunk Media handled all aspects of the video production, including script writing, photo and music sourcing, videography and editing.

Though unable to raise enough funds in the timeframe allowed, the Kickstarter campaign successfully generated media interest and resulted in several TV and print placements.


Project Details

  • ClientA Fire You Can't Put Out
  • DateJanuary 2015
  • CategoryVideo Production