Our Approach


Let us help you discover your “signature color.”

So, why do we call ourselves Red Trunk Media?

Introducing our “Signature” Philosophy


I can’t remember when exactly I decided that red was my signature color, but somehow it feels like the color red was just part of me from the very beginning. Later in life I became partial to the letter ‘M’ monogram (hello, my name was Meigan Manis), elephants (because…Roll Tide Roll!) and polka dots (is there anything more fun?!).


By defining my signature “Meigan” things in such a concrete and consistent way, my circle of friends and family were able to easily, effectively and excitedly make the “That’s so Meigan!” connection. As you can imagine, this works out wonderfully for me in the gift-receiving department!


In much the same way, this principle applies to organizations trying to identify the key messaging and unique positioning that will make them not only memorable, but also differentiate them in the marketplace.


Red Trunk Media is passionate about helping organizations identify their “signatures” – and while your signature might not be as easy to identify as a color – we believe taking the time to identify each organization’s signature it is a critical component to effective marketing communications.


Can we help you find your “signature color”?


Meigan Brennaman
Founder & CEO
Red Trunk Media

The Red Trunk Difference

Strategic Thinking

With 15+ years of experience in a diversity of industries from nonprofit, real estate, healthcare, B2B and more, Red Trunk Media has tactical experience in every area of digital and online marketing, and the strategic vision to weave together a comprehensive marketing mix to best meet each client’s goals and objectives.

Passion and Enthusiasm

We’ll warn you up front that Red Trunk Media brings a deep excitement and energy to every project. We thrive under the challenge of storytelling in creative ways through all channels of marketing communications. Our passionate point-of-view means you can count on us to treat your project like matters to us as much as it does to you … because it does.

Talented Execution

While many marketing communications firms specialize in just one area of execution (such as email marketing or search-engine optimization), Red Trunk Media’s diverse background provides a tactical advantage for smaller organizations that need hands-on and flexible help.

Collaborative Partnership

We absolutely agree that every dollar matters, so while there may be many different services that would help your organization, we help you prioritize your marketing communications efforts in order to drive the best and most cost-effective results. We see ourselves as an extension of your internal team with your very best interests at heart.

Constructive Listening

Acting as a marketing communications diagnostician, Red Trunk Media’s thoughtful approach centers on first listening to an organization’s key stakeholders. We have tested ability to broker meaningful dialogue among key leaders in order to root out the most compelling data and storylines to help communicate an organization’s value.


Self-professed analytics nerds, Red Trunk Media bases all recommendations on targeted research and industry best practices. After every project we provide analytics dashboards and tracking reports so you can see the results in black and white concrete data.